• Farmers market set to open soon

    Locally sourced, farm-fresh produce will soon be readily available thanks to the upcoming opening of farmers markets in Clovis and Portales.


    File photo
    Margie Plummer of Portales set up her tomatoes at the Clovis Farmers Market. Plummer is the owner of the Veggie Shack.

    Margie Plummer manages the Portales Farmers Market and Clovis Farmers Market, and said this year’s produce offerings will start off small.

    “It’s just so early right now,” she explained. “With the way the weather was this year, there’s not a lot of stuff ready.”

    Plummer is also a grower and vendor and explained that there will be a lot more to offer within a few weeks.

    She and her family harvest and sell everything from black-eyed peas and okra to cucumbers, watermelons and sweet potatoes throughout the growing season.

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