• Leadership Portales

  • What is Leadership Portales?

    SWC TourLeadership Portales is designed to provide a series of educational and participatory experiences for 20 individuals each year. Participants are chosen for a nine-month leadership training program consisting of nine full-day sessions, the second Tuesday of every month, beginning in September and continuing through May. Sessions combine forums, tours, dialogue, and interaction between speakers and participants. Subjects include but are not limited to: government, quality of life, education, health care, water, economy, human services, industry, technology, community heritage. During the program the class will be expected to plan and implement a class project.

    What are the Advantages of Leadership Portales?

    Leadership Portales offers new learning opportunities, increases awareness of local resources, creates a network for personal and professional benefit, and challenges potential leaders to explore greater community involvement and decision-making opportunities. The program seeks to indentify and nurture existing and potential leaders and acquaint future leaders with community needs, problems and opportunities.

    Are you a Leader?

    Leadership Portales requires a serious commitment. Participants should be prepared to devote one day per month (for nine months) to the program, beginning in September and continuing through May. Outside study of program topics may be required. The success of this program will depend on full participation by the individual. Those who are unable to make this commitment should not apply. Leadership Portales tuition is $400 per individual. Partial scholarships may be available for those who qualify for the program. An explanation stating financial need should be included with the application.

    For an application https://chambermaster.blob.core.windows.net/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1197/CMS/Application2024.pdf or call the chamber at (575) 356-8541.

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