• Cleaning up Portales!

    December 16, 2021
    Within the last two weeks the City of Portales staff, has been busy working hard to clean up the alleys for trash removal caused by illegal dumping. Due to the illegal dumping of large items, furniture and construction materials, the Public Works Department has had to combine all staff in order to clean up the city. This will and has caused a delay in pothole repairs and Park services. With over 600 mattresses being removed from one portion of the city and much more large items, it has caused a safety concern for citizens. The city has had complaints from citizens saying that contractors are dumping next to the dumpsters. Overfilled dumpsters and trash placed next to dumpsters are a health hazard to our community and also it makes the city look dirty. The city of Portales is asking the residents to help work with our staff and report any illegal dumping so that we can get our city cleaned up. You can report illegal dumping to the cities Receptionist Clerk at (575) 356-6662.

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