• Sheriff- Deputy

    Roosevelt County Extension Office
    Job Description
    Job Description
    Position Title:
     Exemption Status:
    Non-Exempt (hourly)
    Job Classification:
    Classified Full Time: SPP 1-12
     Probationary Status:
    Twelve (12) Months
    Sheriff’s Office
     Safety Sensitive:
    Reports to:
     Last Updated:
    September 25, 2017
    Job Summary 
    Under limited supervision, perform law enforcement operations in Roosevelt County.   
    Essential Functions
    • Perform a wide range of patrol duties, as assigned, to enforce various laws and ordinances, and to protect the general public’s constitutional rights, as provided for under County, State, and Federal law
    • Work from designated shift assignment, to operate a patrol vehicle in a designated district of the County, with full responsibility for proper personal conduct and enhancement of the County’s image, while carrying out the duties of law enforcement: being ever-mindful of the constitutional rights of the citizenry, both on and off duty
    • Maintain radio contact in accordance with regulations
    • Perform routine traffic control in areas not afforded normal police protection, which may involve the apprehension of persons apparently disobedient of traffic and driving laws and regulations
    • Assist in the operation of checkpoints and roadblocks to apprehend escaped or wanted criminals, DWI’s, unlicensed, or otherwise illegal vehicle operators, drug traffickers, etc.
    • Investigate domestic difficulties, highway accidents, and other situations needing attention, when called upon
    • Transport detained persons to or from court or Detention Centers
    • Protect or escort witnesses or victims as assigned
    • Provide escort service for parades, or in the movement of major vehicles or projects over highways where safe passage is required
    • Coordinate and cooperate with other policing agencies, which may involve special conditions such as undercover personnel involving drugs and other related instances, and investigations involving homicide and other felonies
    • Deliver Summons, other writs, and documents
    • Appear as a witness in a court of law, if called upon
    • Serve in the area of animal control, including but not limited to impounding animals, setting traps, and disposal
    • Responsible for maintaining assigned vehicle according to established standards
    • Prosecute minor misdemeanor offenses such as traffic violations
    Non-Essential Functions
    • Perform other duties as assigned
    Professional Requirements
    The provisions of the Law Enforcement Training Act (NMSA 1978, Sections 29-7-1 to 29-7-13, as amended) and Roosevelt County establishes the following criteria:
    • Meet Fitness Screening Standards as required by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy;
    • Successful completion of interview by Office representative(s) who will measure traits that are significant or necessary to perform the job, and demonstrate the applicant’s ability to relate ideas and answer questions relative to the job. Applicants who fail the oral review board may re-apply after twelve (12) months to schedule a second oral interview if positions are available. Applicants may only appear for interview twice
    • Following a conditional offer of employment, successfully complete background investigation which may include, but is not limited to: fingerprinting, criminal record search, driving record screening, reference check, employment verification, and credit check
    • Following a conditional offer of employment, candidates for Deputy will undergo a physical examination by the County’s appointed medical doctor. The examination is based on the medical standards of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy
    • Successful completion of New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy program within one year from date of hire
    • Qualify and maintain proficiency with firearm, both day and night applications
    • Adhere to dress code, uniform is neat and clean
    • Report to work on time and as scheduled
    • Represent the County and the Sheriff’s Office in a positive and professional manner at all times
    • Comply with all County and Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures
    • Participate in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement activities
    • Attend regular staff meetings and in-services
    • Citizen or legal resident of the United States who has reached twenty-one (21) years of age
    • High School Diploma or GED required
    • Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s License
    • Have not been convicted of, pled guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contender to any felony charge or, within the three-year period immediately preceding this application, to any violation of any federal or state law or local ordinance relating to:
      • Aggravated assault, theft, driving while intoxicated, controlled substances or other crime involving moral turpitude; and
      • Has not been released or discharged under dishonorable conditions from any of the armed forces of the United States
    • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, or a related field, preferred
    • Previous law enforcement experience or reserve training preferred
    • Bi-lingual preferred
    • Veterans preferred
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 
    • Ability to correctly judge situations and determine appropriate level of force to be utilized
    • Ability to remain constantly aware of various laws and related changes, making investigations within own authority, and communicate information to higher authority, and to protect evidence until released
    • Ability to administer first aid
    • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, and perform basic mathematical functions
    • Understand such concepts as ratios, proportions, and percentages
    • Ability to read and interpret documents such as police regulations, operating instructions, legal documents, and procedure manuals
    • Develop and retain knowledge of all traffic laws and regulations
    • Ability to accurately read all gauges on tools and equipment, and make correct judgment in operation of equipment
    • Ability to accurately estimate distances in order to maintain safety while operating equipment
    • Ability to file various reports in an adequate manner, ensuring proper details
    • Ability to use good judgment in determining appropriate course of action in more complex situations
    • Ability to work independently, with or without direction, with one or two people, or in a large group
    • Ability to complete work assignments accurately and in a timely manner
    Physical Requirements and Environmental Conditions 
    • Work irregular hours, including being called in, or required to stay, beyond designated shift assignment
    • Work under stressful conditions and under extreme pressures
    • Work in varying degrees of temperature (heated or air conditioned), including possible exposure to extreme temperatures depending on weather conditions
    • Utilize the following tools and equipment: telephone, radio, patrol vehicle, calculator, camera, copy machine, firearm, shotgun, baton, kobaton, flashlight, handcuffs, shackles, lights/siren/PA system, radar gun, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and shovel, flares, reflective vest, bullet-proof vest, helmet, and hearing and eye protection
    • Manual and finger dexterity
    • Hand and eye coordination
    • Corrected vision and hearing to within normal range
    Other Requirements
    • Applicants who are certified by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and whose commission is current will have the written examination and Fitness Screening Standards waived
    • Applicants who are certified by New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and whose commission is lapsed, but are eligible for recommission through the “Certification by Waiver of Previous Training” Academy must meet the Fitness Screening Standards
    • Applicants who are certified in another state and who are eligible for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy’s “Certification by Waiver of Previous Training” must meet the Fitness Screening Standards
    • Employee must consent to regular monitoring of driving record for employment and ongoing insurability
    • Employee must comply with the safety guidelines of the County
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